I Never Told You is a VR documentary series.  

We invite volunteers to speak directly to a VR camera as if they are talking to a specific person and say something they've never told them… and then allows users of the experience to become the recipients of those messages.

The project will be distributed online and will also travel the country in a 2-part setup where users can both record their own new messages and experience the existing ones.  Read below for more info about the mission of I Never Told You.


There are things we wish we’d told loved ones who are now dead.

And things we wish we could say to people we no longer speak to.

There are strangers we wish we could thank... or curse.

Old lovers we miss. Current lovers that we’ve never said certain things to. People we talk with every day but we have something more to say.

We record people saying these things directly to this other person, as if in some alternate reality without stakes or risk or shyness or the realities of real life… A world where you could be free to say the things you’ve always wished you could say directly to someone… no matter whether they’re alive or dead, near or far, friend or family or enemy or stranger.

Users of the experience will feel like they are sitting in a room with one other person. And that person will be talking to them, looking directly in their eyes, as if they are someone else.

Sometimes this will be a familiar experience. The messages will be similar to things the user has experienced in their own life… and the person speaking will be demographically similar to people the user is accustomed to having intimate conversations with. Other times, I think the experience will be very unfamiliar… the message may be unlike anything that’s ever been said to you, it may clash with your life experience… and even just the demographics of the person speaking (age, race, gender, etc.) may make the experience unfamiliar, challenging, and mind-opening.

We’ve all watched traditional documentaries where people say personal things. But even when those docs are filmed with the interviewees speaking directly into the camera, we are still an outside observer to what they are saying. We may empathize but we don’t enter into a direct relationship with them.

In I NEVER TOLD YOU, the user will not be just observing a person telling someone in their life something they’ve never told them… the user will become the recipient of that specific message.